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Chao Phraya or “river of kings” begins at a confluence of 5 rivers from the northern part of Thailand, streaming down south for nearly 400 km to the sea. Along the river lie vast amounts of rice fields, which supply water locally to the country and the rest of the world.


Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and located on the delta of the Chao Phraya River about 40 km from the Gulf of Thailand. However, it is typically only called Bangkok in English.


In Thai, it is often called Krung Thep Maka Nakhon, or just Krung Thep. 


I love Thai food, and yet found it hard to find a good pad Thai until I went here. Now my #1 place to go. Brilliant service, delicious food ( would definitely recumbent the cashew chicken ). Been many times and never found a fault. Big portions and very friendly staff. Very well done

Really loved the service over there. Lady who served three of was awesome and friendly. Food was delicious 😋 😋. I'd love to go back there soon.

In Thai culture every meal is important. Everyone in the family sits down together, whether on dining on chairs or on the floor, families come together to enjoy their meals.


The main part of the meal is, of course, rice. From hundreds or even thousands of years ago until now, rice cannot be missed in any meal.


Farmers can only farm rice once a year. As it takes more than 3 months from planting the seeds to fully grown rice grains ready to harvest. That is why we all eat rice with respect for the hardworking farmers. 


At Chao Phraya Restaurant, we are proud to share our traditions with you as we capture the beauty of Thai cuisine.


All our meals are served on Beynjarong, a traditional five-coloured Thai porcelain from the Rattanakosin period. Your journey of a fine Thai food Dining is about to start here, now. 


544 E Coast Rd, Windsor Park, Auckland 0630, New Zealand


Tue - Sun: 5.30pm to 9pm

Monday is closed



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